On behalf of Obama Inaugural, the White House Businesses would like to extent an invitation to all Schools, PTAs/PTOs, and any organization to participate in an excellent fundraiser. We are offering the 2013 Historic Presidential Inauguration Commemorative DVDs of our 44th President, Barack H. Obama and his Historic Presidential Buttons. We are also offering the Commemorative Buttons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Your Organization, PTAs/PTOs will receive 15% back on all orders!

PRESIDENT DAY 2013 PIC copy President’s Day Pictures – Learn more

*** There are two (2) DVD types of the 2013 Inauguration below – Please read the difference below ***

Captiol2013 copyThe Inauguration DVD (list price $24.95) includes Only the complete 2013 Inauguration speech of President Barack H. Obama.

Comm DVD copyThe Commemorative DVD (list price $45.95) includes:
– The Complete 2013 Inaugural ceremony marking the second inauguration of President Barack H. Obama. To view click here.
– Highlights from the 2013 Inaugural Parade – To view click here.
– 2008 Election Night Speech;
– 2009 Inauguration Speech;
– 2012 Election Night Speech;
– and much more!

Historic Buttons

For All orders, your organization will receive 15% back. There is no money up front and you will only pay for what you order.

To get started, contact us at (202) 239-1768.


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