Touch of Cass Art & Design Concepts


“Touch of Cass” offers unique creative concepts in art, design, custom-made artwork, and event decor.

All work is done with God’s greatest creation in mind…YOU!

Each ‘Treasure Box is hand-painted, lined, and have objects added to the bottom base so that each beautifully crafted box is slightly elevated off the floor. The ‘Treasure Boxes’ are original wooden cheese boxes; transformed from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ works of art.


The ‘Treasure Boxes” are one-of-a-kind designs. Each box has its own name that reflects the featured design. The designs are not duplicated and request for duplication is not accepted. However, we will accept ideas to create a custom piece for you that will feature more of your personality and style.

These beautiful boxes can be used to store your precious memories, scarves, lingerie, children’s small items or toys. There are multiple uses for “Treasure Boxes”

Some customers have used them as displayed art.

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